About us

About us

Flamingo Spanish School

Flamingo Coworking is the tropical Hub at the Carribean Coast.  With shared offices, meeting rooms, best internet connection in Santa Marta, and large communal areas specially designed for professionals on the move, a Spanish School is a perfect fit!   


We want to be the best alternative for learning spanish in Santa Marta. To provide a good atmosphere for learning, studying, but also for meeting and mingling with new friends

Academic approach

The academic approach is based on the principles of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT). Communicative Language Teaching is an approach to teaching of foreign languages that emphasizes interaction as both the means and the ultimate goal of learning a language.

CLT focuses on the following competence objectives:

  • Linguistic competence (knowledge of grammar and vocabulary)
  • Sociolinguistic competence (ability to say the appropriate thing in a social situation)
  • Discourse competence (ability to start, enter, contribute to, or end a conversation)
  • Strategic competence (ability to communicate effectively and repair problems in communication)

CLT methodologies have in common the fact that they are based on activities that require exchanging information and solving problems, communication activities with “real-world” situations, and by taking into account the learner’s background, needs and goals.

The professors


Carlos is from Santa Marta. He has his degree from UNIVERSIDAD COOPERATIVA DE COLOMBIA, and he has more than 10 years experience in teaching both spanish and english. His profound knowledge of english is an advantage when teaching the basic levels, and enables him to understand the challenges on an entry level. Carlos is a very positive calm and patient person that always receive

Entry test

Students that wants join the classes which has some previous knowledge of spanish must complete a short test to determine they’re level. This is important to be able to assign the into the right level, to insure that they get the most out of the the class

Accommodation and meals

We can offer packages with a bed in a shared dormitory or a private room, also with breakfast and lunch included in the package.

How to sign up/book

Send us an email at info@flamingocoworking.com, letting us know when you like to come, if you only want to join the class or if you like to include accommodation and meals as well. If you have some prior knowledge of Spanish, please complete the level test when sending your request. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a confirmation.

Payment terms and cancellation fee

When we have found the right plan and package for you we will give you the full price and an overview of what is included. We would expect a 50% prepayment. The prepayment are non refundable.  

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