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Dear Guest,

At Flamingo Coworking we take the safety of our guests and employees very seriously.   Recommendations and requirements defined in Resolutions 666, 749 and 1285 from Ministry of Health have been implemented. We are working hard and professionally to make sure you can feel safe during your stay at Flamingo Coworking.

Dore Brothers SAS which is the owner of Flamingo Coworking have a Crisis Committee which consist of the General Manager, The Manager of Labour Safety and Security , and the Manager of each unit. The responsibility of the Committee is to secure compliance with Colombian laws and recommendations, development and implementation of adequate protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and respond to any cases of the virus that may occur in the business.

Dore Brothers SAS are working with Diversey, an internationally recognized expert within cleanliness and hygiene management, to insure that our procedures and protocols are adequate and well functioning.

All our employees have completed COVID-19 training to insure that we all understand how to stay safe during and after work hours.

Health & Security

Guests related protocols


  • Send copy of passport before arriving in order to complete the check-in process digitally
  • Sanitize luggage, shoes, and hands.

  • Check temperature and symptomes

  • Pre-plan check in time, to avoid crowded reception


  • Keep distance

  • Wear face masks in common areas
  • Wash hands regularly

  • Sneeze or cough into into your elbow

  • Don’t interchange items with other guests

  • Note limitation of number of guests in public areas

Health & Security

Internal procedures


  • Disinfection upon arrival at work

  • Daily check of health condition and temperature

  • Frequent sanitation of hands and use of gloves

  • Personal protective equipment are defined for each position, and mandatory use of face mask

  • Specialized Covid-19 training conducted by Diversey

  • Staff are frequently reporting the health condition of close family members to reveal any risk of contamination


  • Public areas are disinfected regularly

  • Critical touch points such as door handles and switches are disinfected throughout the day

  • Guest rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before receiving new guests

  • All products coming into the business are disinfected at the point of entry

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