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By saying that our coworking space is sustainable and comfy we confirm that you will get 100% satisfaction from working here and making the best out of this experience.

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Una encuesta realizada en el 2007 mostró que muchos empleados se preocupan por sentirse aislados y por perder la interacción humana si van a teletrabajar.

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A Hospitality Inspired Co-Working Space.

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Modest yet highly practical and comfortable working zones, chill zones, coffee shops and diners at you full disposal during your stay with us, as well and fast Internet and office supplies. Invite your teammates!

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Benefits to Setting Up Your Startup in Our Coworking Space

We are proud of what we have come up to at our center! Only here you get to enjoy with talented people who work in different areas, designers, photographers, engineers etc. Learn more about joining us today

  1. Actual office space that promoting productivity
  2. Meaningful connections with your team
  3. Increased productivity to get some work done
  4. Comfy accommodations and comfortable couches


I took the travelers course with Paola. Paola is a great teacher and the course really helped me refresh my Spanish and learn new tips for making it through the days and going to stores and taxis etc.

Laura B.,

I got lessons of Paula who greatly helped me to improve my Spanish. I’d recommend Flamingo to anyone who wants to go to a coworking spot in Santa Marta.​

Charlie W.,

It wouldn’t be a complete review without mentioning Paola who was my Spanish teacher while I was at Flamingo. She’s a legend! We had a few really cool, authentic experiences with her so if you get the chance I’d check to see if she’s running any when you’re there​.

Brad G.,
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