Who said you need the city when you’re a digital nomad, a remote worker, a freelancer or an entrepreneur? FALSE. All you need is a comfy room, a quiet desk and a very good internet.

All I need is FREE WIFI

But there is another thing that the new digital nomads haven’t noticed yet but the old ones already feel this gap, all you need is…LOVE. Okay, so cliché! But this is true! We now live in a world well-connected with various devices per person, a tablet, a smartphone, a laptop and a even maybe a gopro. We speak to our international friends or colleagues 24/7 due to the time zone difference, we know people from Australia, Chile, Canada, Netherlands, Turkey and some more, but at the end of the day, unless you share this experience with your partner, you are alone. Alone, because a digital nomad is leaving one place for another in a certain period of time, that means creating very good friendships and bonds, but also endless tears at the goodbye morning checkout. Why? Because a digital nomad is a solo-traveler working from his laptop, checking in hostels, hotels or airbnbs and living his life alone. Not lonely because he is surrounded by this most often virtual community through Zoom, Slack, Facebook, Instagram etc, but alone because he cannot rely on anyone else but himself.

Long story short, this was to explain to you that what any digital nomad needs, no matter his personality, introvert, extrovert, a digital nomad needs a place to feel like it’s his family for a while. A family he can rely on when comes Christmas Eve and he has no plans, it’s his birthday and his friends are far away, it’s Friday night and nobody’s around for a pub crawl. Like back home. This concept of family helps him feel relaxed and happy in a stress-free atmosphere, enticing him to develop his creativity and productivity on his work project. Because let’s face it. Raise your hand the one who’s going to tell me he is more productive alone at home than in a co-workspace surrounded with creative and like-minded people, on a long-term basis? NONE. It is proved, getting your butt at a co-workspace increases your efficiency, productivity and creativity rate, plus helps you meet new people within the same community that can help you with some tips or advice, or even become your mentor.

Tapas Lounge Bar at La Terraza by La Brisa Loca
Tapas Lounge Bar at La Terraza by La Brisa Loca

Now, let’s picture it, you’re in Panama or Ecuador and your next destination on travel is Colombia. Googling “the best spot for digital nomads in colombia” and the results show Medellin, the new digital hub. Right, indeed the growing city of Colombia, you’ve seen Narcos on Netflix and have heard that the best parties are on weekends in Zona Rosa. However, you’ve just spent the last months by the beach in Latin America and before that were in Bali working from the beach in a Co-workspace and now WHAT, you must live in the city? NO WAY. There must be a place by the beach. YES, say hello to Flamingo Coworking in Santa Marta, Magdalena. A Tropical workspace designed for creative minds, willing to work and chill in a Miami-Urban Jungle kinda style. Not to mention you can also stay on site. Jackpot! No need to look for a airbnb and a coffee shop! Flexible in the way you want to work, Flamingo Coworking offers the Garden & Rooftop for a chilled way of working from a hammock under a palm tree, a dedicated desk in air-conditioned room or a hot desk in that same room but on a shared table. Let’s add to that 2 meeting rooms, a Bar/Coffee, Restaurant, Rooftop nightclub access next door, Kitchen, 360 view of Santa Marta and 1 minute from the beach. This is the time you ask, where do I sign? HERE. And if you worry about the Spanish language barrier or the fear of not meeting cool people, we give you a little help by offering free Spanish classes, after-work parties and workshops event to help you FLA’ MINGLE!

Let's Flamingle!
Let’s Flamingle!

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